ITCC March Newsletter

Ryan and I have been independent contractors for over a decade and have seen first hand how the little guys don’t seem to get any breaks or deals compared to the big companies. We set out to change this with Independent Trades Contractors Canada(ITCC).  As the founders and members #1 and #2 we looked at the various aspects and expenses of being an independent contractor and looked at how we could save. We have put in the leg work for you and by joining together we are able to bring significant savings to each member. Just last month I saved $250 on fuel! Just Fuel alone! Not to mention the other $300 I saved in one parts run to Pat’s Auto. Ryan and I will continue adding partnerships and discounts as we grow to expand to all small business and independent contractors. Join us today, and let the money you save speak for itself.

In this months newsletter:

New Vendors Coming This Month!
Do you know what Cost Plus Is?
March Member Give Away
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