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10702-79th Ave. Clairmont, Alberta Canada T8X 5G9

Max Fuel is the largest Petro Canada Distributor in Canada, bringing exceptional service to Northern Alberta for over 20 years.

We offer bulk fuel and lubricant deliveries throughout the region. We have over 15 locations in North Western Alberta. Stop into our c-stores/ cardlock access for a one stop shop. We also offer remote fuel storage, lube storage, specialty fluids, cardlock solutions, remote product monitoring and so much more…

Services Provided:

Bulk Fuel Delivery; Bulk Lubricant & Delivery; On-site Refueling; Card Lock & Remote Card Lock Solutions; Fuel and Lube Tank Rental Solutions.

ITCC members will sale up to 10% in Fuel and Lubes with Max Fuel Petro Canada.

Fill out application and email back to kjaschke@maxfuel.ca or jason.t@maxfuel.ca 

Print and sign on both sides on the bottom of the first page and also sign the back page.    

For existing accounts to receive the ITCC discount, email Jason.t@maxfuel.ca and let him know your account info on your existing account and that you are a new member of ITCC. 

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